11x17 Certificate Framework

A folder is a tool used to store, protect and regulate paper documents in a business or business process. In modern business activities, it is given the function of image display. It can be used to fill all kinds of paper documents, but it is not limited to this. Materials include PP, PVC, cardboard, and some are imitation leather, cloth and so on. What can be bought in the market is usually based on standard A4 files. There are many categories of folders: single strong clips, double clamps, data books, two-inch clips, three-inch clips, double clips of different specifications, single page clips (also called L folders) and multi-page clips. Regular folders are easy to access, but every time you want to use them, it takes a lot of time to find specific files. In view of this problem, there are transparent folders on the market, which can be clearly seen to be accepted, and it is very convenient to use.

11x17 inch folder takes fashion, lightweight, durable and portable into consideration and is very popular with users.

11x17 inch binding cover can be used for product descriptions, menus, company profiles, brochures, etc. The binding cover is divided into PET material, PVC material, and PP and non - punching film PVC material: Description: PVC, the full name is Polyvinyl chloride, is one of the high-quality materials for making the binding cover. PVC binding cover is made of high strength polyester film, processed by fine processing and liquid treatment. Features: heat resistance, good toughness, good ductility, no corrosion and no deformation. Its surface is flat and smooth. Purpose: the bound sample cover becomes beautiful and durable.

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