More Info about Custom Diploma Covers

For the interior fabric lining, you can choose white cardboard to make it in an economical way or select moiré panels to be deluxe, our superior moiré will provide your covers the best looking and touching, furthermore, a personalized 1 color or full colors etchings can be imprinted on the inside moiré panel. Refer to the ribbon corners; there are 4 ribbon corners on one panel to hold one diploma and 8 ribbon corners to hold two diplomas available.

We recognize the importance of your well-earned diploma, and a graduation ceremony is one of the most momentous days in their lives for both students and their parents. A diploma is just like a marriage certificate or birth certificate, it makes an influence on student's career for the rest of their life. This achievement is worth to be presented in a right way, and that is why personalized diploma covers are essential during a graduation ceremony. 
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