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A List of High School Graduation Plans

In this article, we have shared a high school graduation ceremony checklist to ensure that courses are scheduled as planned. From event scheduling to ticket distribution, a successful start is 95% of the plan. After considering everything beforehand, let us gradually complete the planning process on important days:

1. Keep in touch with the speaker

First of all, it is vital to contact the prospective speaker as early as possible. After they confirm, please make a final statement to approve the content. It is a particularly essential step when interacting with student speakers. Because students may use inappropriate humor or inappropriate topics in their speeches.

2. Create a rough schedule of events

Next, draft an agenda for the ceremony plan, starting with a list of major events. Then, design a printing program with photos, inspirational quotes, and names of award winners and recent graduates. In this process, a timetable can be arranged for the entire ceremony. Make sure to take the time to design a memorable program owing to students and parents will save it as a souvenir.

3. confirm the hat and dress order

In the weeks before graduation, students will begin to receive official diplomas. The school team should check whether each order has been processed, shipped, and received. More importantly, they should confirm that there is ample time for the certificate covers and awards to arrive at the school.

4. Check the venue

Usually, high school graduation ceremonies are held in sports fields or large auditoriums. However, if the ceremony is held outside the school, it's necessary to check the venue guide to ensure that all rules are followed. If you want to rent a stage, a chair, and a sound system, you need to confirm the payment and delivery time. In the meantime, any internal technical equipment should be well tested before it is needed.

5. Announce and distribute tickets

Selling tickets can be stressful. To avoid any logistical problems, we suggest setting a maximum number of tickets for each student. Tickets can be sold online and linked to the student's name. In this way, the sale of physical tickets is completely avoided, and tickets can be sent to students and families by e-mail on a specific date.

6. Delegate tasks

As you may have guessed, relying on a few teachers will not be able to arrange the entire high school graduation alone. We recommend delegating large tasks (that is, tickets and venue settings) to trusted faculty, staff, and volunteers to avoid problems at the last minute.

7. Mobilize volunteers for post-graduation work

At the end of the ceremony, ask the same volunteer to help clean the site and return all rented equipment. If you need to take photos at the reception desk and greet guests, the school may need to assign someone to coordinate the cleaning process until the end.

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