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Customized Printing Size of Certificate of Honor

The certificate of honor is mainly issued to the individual, collected by the individual, and the size of the certificate paper is smaller; while the certificate of merit is generally issued to the collective, and the size of the certificate of merit is much larger than the certificate. The certificate of honor is usually used in our campus cultural activities. It is convenient for students to collect and use. If there is only "certificate", it is not true. There are also graduation certificate and completion certificate.

The requirement of paper is very simple, as long as it can be preserved for a long time. It is reasonable and does not require thickening. In this way, it's a waste of money and it's not easy to fold. Some certificates are exquisitely made on paper, and some are also watermarked with a lot of patterns, which is very fancy. However, I think it doesn't matter whether there is the pattern or not. The price and use should be considered. The main purpose of the certificate is always to prove. In order to play the role of proof, it should be easy for the copying of the winners. Generally, the watermark pattern will not be copied out, so it has no use. However, if there are some obvious patterns decorated on the surface, the copying effect will be greatly reduced.

As mentioned before, the size of the certificate is relatively small. Generally, A4 and B5 paper is enough. Generally speaking, there is no other emphasis on the size of certificates. But there are different levels of events, so I think the size of certificates should also be selected according to the level.

If it is the certificate issued by the college level functional departments such as the Youth League Committee and the party and administration of the college, the size of A4 can generally be used. If it is the certificate of some competitions held by the college level student organization and grade, B5 is proper. The size of the certificate paper is a reflection of the level of the event, which can not be ignored. The content of the certificate is the main part of the whole certificate and the spirit of the certificate. It is necessary to unify the characters, format and language style. Now the text of the certificate is generally printed in regular script and song style, which is solemn. Font size depends on paper size, and keep the whole text two or three lines.

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