Two Key Steps in Graduation Planning

1. Plan to issue the certificate cover

Everyone remembers the moment they or a loved one walked across the stage with the certificate cover in hand in their graduation ceremony. The graduation coordinator must take the best approach and distribute them all.

The key to success is sitting. Arrange students in alphabetical order outside the seating area. Then put them in the file, sit down, then stand up, then sit down again, all operations are performed in the same order.

Typically, you will need to conduct a trial run to see how long it takes for a group of people to enter, line up and walk across the stage, with appropriate pauses between announcing each student's name.

When the students arrive at you, you shake hands with them, move their tassels from right to left, hand them the certificate cover, and then they left the other side of the stage. Repeat until all students have gone!

2. Complete the graduation plan

Assuming you don't wait for confirmation from speakers, or talkings from your parents and local companies, then you should be able to complete both procedures. Even if you are waiting for these things, you should still be able to prepare a reliable draft version.

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