13 Steps to Design the Cover of Excellent Graduation Certificate

Shengzhong Covers has a high-quality inventory of "diploma" certificate covers that can be shipped immediately. But why not spend more time for us to completely customize the cover of the school's graduation certificate? We offer many different styles and options to create the perfect certificate that suits the needs of the school. This is our 13 steps to design an ideal cover for the graduation certificate.

1. Specify a new or existing design

Are we copying or creating a new diploma cover? Many clients already have the latest diplomas they want us to copy. We are also happy to build a new certificate cover from scratch.

2. Provide the name of the school or organization

The cover of the diploma or certificate to be designed will include the name of the school.

3. Choose the size of the diploma or certificate cover

4. Select the title type

When creating a certificate cover title, we need to know two things: Should the header be black or shaded? Should the header be straight or arched?

5. Select the type of printing

Flat or thermal imaging printing. We provide the option of wording on the cover of the certificate, which can be standard flat or letterpress printing. You can choose one or a combination of the two.

6. Choose font

Usually, the font is Old English or script, but you can discuss other options with our sales team for your custom diploma covers.

7. Supply logo

If applicable, please provide the original black and white version of the logo. Then, you will choose whether you want the logo to be in full color, pure black or with foil (raised gold or silver).

8. Provide signature

If we wish to pre-print the signature on the cover of the certificate, we will need to scan each signature with a black pen. Up to six signatures can be provided.

9. Submit the name of the student

As long as we pay an additional fee, we can print the student's name on each diploma. Please note that the name can only be printed in flat print.

10. Select the paper type

Although some companies offer a variety of papers with many fancy names, they can actually be classified into two categories: white cardboard or ivory cardboard. Both look good, and the ivory is more traditional.

11. Request a quotation

Before making any promises, our sales team will send a quotation. It can be reviewed before designing or copying the cover of the certificate.

12. Ask for the cover model of the graduation certificate

Based on all the details provided, we will design the certificate cover for inspection before placing the order. If you have a copy of the diploma you want us to make, please send it to the salesperson.

13. Approve and pay

After approving the artwork, we will place an order. After completing the order, it will also be reviewed multiple times and any changes will be made. After the payment is provided, we will start processing and designing the certificate cover.

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