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Make a Souvenir and Customize the Leather Diploma Case

Some customers have some special customization requirements in the production of the album, such as clip CD, punch, brochure thickening, customize the cover and back leather and color, stamping, indentation, etc. Faced with many new ideas of the first attempt, there will be a proofing process, mainly for mass production. For some photography studios, in order to highlight their personality and bring different products to customers, they will imagine some different opinions to highlight their own characteristics and show their differences from other businesses. In short, they will not do the same thing in a popular way.

If you have a high requirement for color and material, or that is the customer's original requirement, it's better to go to the market to understand when purchasing cortex. Of course, before understanding, you must consult the manufacturer of the album in advance about the requirements of the leather diploma case. This is not optional, too soft and too hard, too deep texture, too prominent and other reasons have an impact on the effect of the product. But no matter how good the leather is, there are always some limitations when it is processed. It's too soft to cover the bottom edge delicately, too hard to wrap at all, and if it's not suitable for pasting, then it can also be said to be waste directly. If you need to do hot stamping, indentation treatment, the same will also affect the effect of finished products because of the leather. In short, when you need to customize the leather diploma case, the hardness, softness, thickness and texture of the cortex need to be consulted in advance so as not to cause obstacles to the later processing. So if you want to customize the leather souvenir separately, please be sure to do a good job of consulting and prepare to go shopping.

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