How to Help High School Students Graduate Early?

Usually, it takes four years to graduate from high school, but some students desire a fast-paced academic schedule. There are many benefits to graduating from high school early, including being able to enter college or looking for job opportunities. Through correct methods and with professional ethics, it is possible to obtain a high school diploma cover in less than four years. In the article, we will share some knowledge to help students speed up to high school graduation.

1. Make a graduation plan

First, we recommend that you sit down with your students and ask about their academic goals. When do they hope to graduate from high school? Why do they want to graduate early? Once you understand the source, you can begin to draft a graduation plan. In most cases, we recommend that students graduate one semester earlier, rather than a full year, which is a more practical goal.

2. Check the credit requirements

Once the graduation plan is agreed upon, it's time to act. Read the school's academic handbook with students to find out how many credits they need to graduate. Then, subtract the credits that the student has completed. With this specific number, you can calculate how many credit points a student needs to get each semester.

3. Find out which are compulsory courses for graduation (and university)

Next, help students narrow down the specific courses they must take in order to graduate. They may also need to talk to academic advisors so as not to forget to attend class. For example, English, history, mathematics, science, foreign languages, and physical education class are usually required to attend. After completing these courses, students can be required to complete the remaining credits through elective courses.

4. Design course load for the remaining semester

Finally, students may need some help in planning the remaining courses. We recommend creating a blank timetable template with multiple columns, which students can use to plan each semester and make sure they note how many credits they have for each course. Then, they can add up all the credits to see if they meet the graduation requirements.

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