Difference Between Certificate of Award and Certificate of Honor

1. The certificate of honor refers to the certificate that record honor received as the award. It has various shapes, which are decided by the units, and different formats are used by different units.

2. At present, there are many kinds of technologies for the certificate of honor on the market: mainly including heat sealing, sewing, papering and other technologies. The gliding, hot silver, indentation are used in the cover. For the certificate of heat sealing and sewing techniques, the plastic film is generally used as sleeve or bevel to clamp the inner core, and the smooth ribbon is also used as bevel. For the certificate of papering technique, the smooth ribbon is generally used as bevel. Also, the transparent membrane can be used as interlayer, and the insert type is used to place the inner core (the inner core needs to be customized). The materials are leather and flannelette, and the gelatinized (paper peritoneum). With the development of science and technology, material technology is changing rapidly.

3. Inner core of honor certificate: it is divided into ordinary inner core and customized inner core. For the common inner core, it is usually matched with the cover, and the same model is generally used. Customized inner core can be printed with different shading lace, highlighting industry characteristics and even achieving anti-counterfeiting effect. There is no special paper for the inner core of the certificate of honor. The copperplate, offset paper and special paper can be used. The four-color printing effect of the copperplate is good; the offset paper is generally provided by the manufacturer; the special paper is customized by the customer (it can be four-color printing, which can achieve the anti-counterfeiting effect, and also can be customized using the copperplate paper)

By virtue of the certificate, the certificate holder has certain rights, but also needs to undertake certain obligations.