How to Plan Graduation for Self-taught Students?

Homeschooling brings benefits to many families, but there are also challenges. One of these challenges is to make home school graduation look like a major life-changing event.

When a child has no classes, no academic awards, or a college plan to share with his peers, graduation does not seem to be a big event at all. Here are some homeschooling parents who can make their students' graduation a special event, not just a day's way.

1. Contact the community

Many home schools have like-minded interpersonal networks that can socialize with them, review lesson plans and talk about the joys of homeschooling. Pick up the phone and contact other parents who are about to graduate. See who else is interested in the graduation ceremony, when they can attend, and how many family members they want to invite. Soon, there will be a list of dates and people.

Be sure to ask other parents if they want to help them plan, they might like to play such an important role on this occasion!

2. Find a venue

The space needed will vary greatly depending on how many graduates there are in the community and how many people plan to attend the gathering. The community center, local park and chapel are a good starting point. If you want sunny weather and enough space, you can even set it as a backyard barbecue event!

3. Get graduation necessities

Without a hat, gown, and certificate cover, graduation is different. In order to make the ceremony not like any old-fashioned party, please recreate the feeling of traditional high school graduation. You can find hats and gowns and order the cover of the graduation certificate to present to graduates. Having these necessities not only increases the excitement, it is also perfect for taking pictures!

4. Don't forget details

Determining the location, number of participants, and preparing the certificate cover for homeschool graduation may be your most important tasks. However, don't forget some small details that will make this day extra special for graduates and their families.

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