How to Utilize College Internships?

Ⅰ. Tips on what to do and who to know

While many students do college internships while in school, not everyone knows how to choose the best opportunities. Understanding how to make the best use of the experience you gain during your internship is also critical to your experience. You want to leave a letter of recommendation for each internship.

If you are one of the lucky students to get multiple internships at the same time, please choose the person who can best express your enthusiasm. Choose someone who can provide real-world experience and make yourself an asset to an employee. Finally, try to do more than one internship throughout college. Try to apply and be accepted by the person who looks most impressive on the diploma case cover and the resume!

Ⅱ. How to be an effective college intern

Once you are selected by the organization, in order to be as effective as possible, you must be proactive, organized, and on time. Make sure to avoid attacks and ask what you can do to help. Show your skills and areas of knowledge to help on all projects.

Ⅲ. Observe what is happening throughout the workspace

Once you notice someone or a team that could benefit from your help, ask how you can help them. If you want to apply to join a particular project team, as a college intern, the key is to state your position firmly and politely. If you're not confident, you're not going to get any further than your morning coffee and photocopying. However, if you are aggressive about your demands or put yourself in situations without first asking, you are likely to make a bad impression across the board.

Ⅳ. Be a positive person

Once you believe that you are welcome, the person in charge will begin to notice that you are helpful to the team and you are organized, smart, punctual, and invaluable. But don't let all praise confuse you, especially when they all come from one source. Of course, you cna accept compliments, but don't gush or accept invitations to one-on-one lunches. Use common sense and professional judgment. If your immediate supervisor asks you to go out alone, contact human resources. Handle stressful situations like this as carefully and professionally as possible without humiliating your boss.

It's not acceptable to embarrass a boss who may be pursuing you for unprofessional reasons, but handling it professionally is your best choice. Responding openly and inpolitely to such advances can hurt your performance review and make you uncomfortable for the rest of your time there. However, if you experience sexual harassment in the workplace, even as a university intern, you must visit the Human Resources department. If harassment causes your internship to end, there are ways to fight back.

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