The Printing Technology of Certificate Can Also Be Used in Album Making

Generally speaking, the printing and production technology of certificate is similar to that of picture album, but there are also some differences. Let's learn about this:

In the cost of book production, the choice and use of materials, the determination and construction of plate making, printing and binding process account for a large proportion. Reasonable selection of materials, printing and packaging technology can not only greatly reduce costs, save a lot of costs, but also ensure the quality of books, so that the quality of books can be better. With the development of Industrial Science and technology, especially the changes of printing technology and paper materials brought by high technology, and the improvement of the quality and taste of the books of the publishing house, it is necessary to demonstrate and select "printing technique" and "material composition" in the process of binding design.

When colors are selected, it is suggested to select a uniform color that can meet the theme and content of the album. Try the best to ensure that the printed color is consistent with the original color, which can improve the effect of album printing. Paper is the main carrier of printing. For book printing paper, we usually only pay attention its whiteness and seldom pay attention to the color deviation of white paper. In fact, the color of paper itself is quite different, and the difference also affects the color of ink. The weight of the same kind of paper is the same. However, due to the differences of raw materials, fillers, manufacturing technique, the color adopted by manufacturers, smoothness and absorptivity of the same size paper produced by different factories are quite different.

In the use of certificate printing production technology, for the binding design, the appearance of beauty is paid a lot of attention to, so when making hardcover books, the selection of materials is more diverse and colorful. In particular, it is reminded that when choosing gelatinized paper for pasting shell, designers must pay attention to some beautiful patterns of gelatinized paper with concave convex, strong three-dimensional sense and beautiful appearance. But they bring great trouble to the gold lettering, which can be floating and unclear. It is beautiful. It is suggested that this kind of gelatinized paper should not be used for gold lettering as much as possible. In addition, there are some gelatinized paper with large expansion and contraction, which is 2-3mm shorter than the original size after brushing, pasting and cooling. Thus, there is no floating mouth or the overhang cover edges is too small after finishing the book. This also affects the quality and grade of hardcover books.

Generally, for the use of certificate printing, in order to make the base color of a batch of picture album prints show the same characteristics, the envelope printing can be used. In this way, it can make the ink layer more flat, without white spots, and it can reflect the real picture effect. It can also be printed in another way, that is, spot color can be used for printing, which can highlight the effect of the picture and improve the overall aesthetics.

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