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A Graduation Certificate Is Full of National Conditions

A grand introduction to a national first-class cultural relic - Whampoa Military Academy's first-stage student graduation certificate. Let us take a look at the appearance of this special cultural relic and how it differs from the contemporary cover of graduation certificate.

Military education subjects in military academies are divided into disciplines and technical subjects. In the morning, students take subject lessons in the classroom and in the afternoon go to the playground for technical exercises. Both disciplines and technical subjects are regarded as equally important, called "the unity of knowledge and action". Due to the tense situation and frequent wars at the time, in order to meet the needs of the war, the military academy decided to break the routine and shorten the school duration. The students completed the original three-year course in just six months.

cover of graduation certificate

The first graduates of the Whampoa Military Academy held a graduation ceremony in the playground, took a group photo of graduation, and received graduation certificates. The existing graduation certificate of Pan Xueyin has a graduation diploma cover about 42cm long and 40cm wide, with a blue frame and yellow background.

cover of graduation certificate