Degree Certificates Designed by Colleges and Universities

In 2015, the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council and the Ministry of Education issued the Regulations on Information Management of Academic Degree Certificates and Academic Degree-Granting. It was decided that from January 1, 2016, doctoral, master's and bachelor's degree certificates should be designed and printed by each degree-granting unit.

During the graduation season, Shengzhong's cover shows you the university degree certificate of Zhejiang University's design scheme.

The font used for the title of the inside page of the certificate was taken from the printed form in the Constitution of Qiushi College when Zhejiang University was founded. The inside edge of the certificate is decorated with a series of palindromes, which are taken from the plaque of "Qiushi Academy". It is the evolution of the flowing water shape and fits the origin of "in the shore of Zhejiang Province".

On the envelope of the degree certificate, it is the motto of Zhejiang University "seeking truth and innovation". This unique font is taken from the relief at the main entrance of Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University.

The tones of bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees vary. The "ZheDa Blue" on the cover of the bachelor's degree certificate means that undergraduate education is the foundation of the school; the color of the cover of doctoral degree certificate is dark red, reflecting the erudite and thoughtful temperament; and the color of the master's degree certificate is purple Diploma cover, meaning that blue is progressive to red.

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