How to Customize Your Favorite Certificate?

Ⅰ. A custom certificate folder needs less time

It only takes about 5 days for a magic certificate to be produced to completion. As long as you wait patiently, a custom certificate folder you like will be completed. Customizing the certificate only requires the following steps.

Ⅱ. Steps to customize the certificate

1. Prepare your favorite sketches

You can get inspiration from the Internet or in magazines, draw your ideas or ideas into manuscripts, or directly make color pictures if you have the ability. Of course, you can also directly ask the factory's drafting staff to help you design, as long as you provide ideas and elements.

2. Clarify the number and size of the certificate. Generally speaking, the procuratorate work certificate cover is generally 7.5X21.5cm, but the customer can customize the certificate according to their favorite size.

3. Identify the material you need

Custom certificate folders are generally made of genuine leather or imitation leather. The price of imitation leather will be cheaper, while genuine leather will be more expensive. Because the texture of leather is softer, the pressed patterns and lines will be more neat and beautiful. If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to use the professional leather production certificate.

4. Selection of process

It depends on the number of years you want to preserve. Generally speaking, baking varnish is good. It is no problem to preserve for 4-5 years. If you want to preserve it for longer, use imitation enamel, which can be preserved for more than 10 years. For gifts to future generations, choose enamel color, which can be preserved for hundreds of years.

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