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Teach You to Understand the Cover of the International Diamond Certificate in Three Minutes!

Gemstone jewelry usually uses international certificates, and many people may not know how to distinguish true from false. It is a necessary condition for precious jewelry diamonds to have specific international certificates, but how can we understand the cover of these certificates to avoid loss?

First of all, of course, the most common GIA certificate. As long as you are buying diamonds, you must understand this certificate. "GIA" is the abbreviation of the Gemological Institute of America, which created the 4C identification standard for diamonds. In the field of diamond identification, the GIA certificate is recognized as the most authoritative and objective identification certificate in the world.

The picture below is a template of the GIA certificate. Each of the 4C standards will affect the price of diamonds, so be sure to ask carefully before buying.


The GRS organization in Switzerland mainly conducts the identification of precious gems, such as red sapphires, emeralds, golden-green cat eyes, etc. Basically, the certificates attached to the precious stones on the three major auction houses are GRS certificates. All the red sapphires we sell contain this certificate, which is an international certificate type.


The GIC certificate is mostly seen in the appraisal of sapphires. The institution is located in Sri Lanka (the country is rich in sapphires). In this country, the GIC certificate is one of the most authoritative and also the rarest.


SSEF is a jewelry research institute located in Switzerland. It is most famous for its pearl appraisal. At present, the pearls in the major auction houses basically use this appraisal result. Generally, this jewelry research institute rarely conducts appraisals for individuals and ordinary merchants, and only larger auction houses will use it.


Gubelin is also a laboratory located in Switzerland, which is currently the most rigorous and authoritative colored gemstone appraisal institution in the world. It can be said that each gemstone with this certificate is absolutely authoritative and authentic. This certificate is usually circulated internationally, so if consumers see this certificate, they should be able to determine its authenticity.


IGI is the abbreviation of the International Gemological Institute and is currently the largest independent jewelry appraisal laboratory in the world. IGI has 12 laboratories in the world, with a very large number, and is known as the "authoritative laboratory around consumers".


AGL is a gem laboratory located in the United States. It is currently recognized as one of the top ten recognized authorities for colored gemstone identification in the world (including the Gübelin Laboratory, SSEF, and GRS mentioned above).


GIT is an appraisal agency in Thailand. It is said that the completeness of equipment is comparable to GRS. It is a very authoritative appraisal agency in Thailand. Nowadays, many people like to visit Thailand. If you are worried about being cheated by a tour guide when buying jewelry in Thailand, you should know how to read this jewelry appraisal book, except for this, the other can be ignored!