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Certificate printing and production, work permit / job qualification certificate are now forged by many lawbreakers, which has brought a lot of negative effects to the society. The use of anti-counterfeiting technology in work permit / job qualification certificate can effectively prevent counterfeiters from counterfeiting.

Rainbow printing: the shading is processed by anti-counterfeiting software to shrink. The change of thickness, the shape of the lines such as the newrope, etc., gradually transits like a rainbow effect through continuity. It's very natural, and there's no obvious boundary. Color changes appear on the same thin line, so it is difficult to decompose the color when forging. This technology is widely used in banknotes of various countries. Dichroic fluorescence can be used for anti-counterfeiting: it is invisible and colorless under normal conditions. When it is illuminated by ultraviolet light, it can emit bright red and green figures. It is of strong concealment and it is simple to recognize.

After being processed by professional anti-counterfeiting software lines and graphics, certificate printing has the concave convex effect of engraving plate, which is different in thickness and density from lines, and is difficult to be imitated by ordinary software. In the design of anti-counterfeiting certificate, Mengtaibanwen, the anti-counterfeiting design software, Fangzhengchaoxian(high-tech software used to design and produce anti-counterfeiting effect), illustrator, Photoshop, corldraw and other auxiliary design software are used.

Design patterns such as exquisite shading, round flowers, lace, relief, shrinkage and traction can be made. The printing paper of anti-counterfeiting certificate includes anti-counterfeiting watermark paper, chrysanthemum watermark paper, plum blossom watermark paper, anti-counterfeiting safety thread paper, windowed safety thread paper and fully buried safety thread paper. Security paper, 70, 200g. Safety line with watermark paper.

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