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What are the Advantages of Using Acrylic as a Certificate Frame?

Compared with the frequently used glass and ordinary plastic, acrylic is non-friable and with good plasticity, making acrylic certificate frame more beautiful and easier to store; Secondly, it is easy to process. Acrylic can be flexible and plastic at 180 ° C and can be stereotyped when it is cooled to room temperature. It is light, for the acrylic certificate frame has a smaller density than glass as well as much smaller quality than the same volume of material. With good oxidation resistance, it is not easy to cause deformation and discoloration.

Finally, the acrylic certificate frame has good transmittance, which is the best compared with common plastic, and strong resistance. Transparent acrylic sheet has even better transmittance than glass; In comparison with traditional material, glass, the advantage of acrylic is more outstanding, among which resistance is the strongest. It is said that legislation has been made clear in some countries that the glass of children's activity place is all replaced by the acrylic boards because of the strong resistance and not easily broken.

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